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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: The Devil Tries to Stay On Book

Bill Maher as Satan

Each week we want to give you a little something special to help warp your brain in one direction or another. A little pick-me-up to your mind so you can better navigate the pitfalls of the work week. And well, later this week we’ll be kicking off 32 Days of Halloween IV: The Final Chapter. So as a prelude to that mayhem, this week we thought we’d give you something that will warp you because it’s so terribly awesome. Apparently someone in Hollywood decided to make a parody performance of a “Hell House,” i.e. a religious haunted house that’s designed to scare people so badly they convert. Young people put these on all over the U.S.–and while this video is rather amusing, considering who they’ve gotten to take part in the production–the real things are terribly disturbing and no doubt damaging to the minds of kids.

Also, no word on whether or not anyone’s producing more of the “Hollywood Hell House,” as their official website appears to be kaput. But man, this would have been awesome to visit. A video of selected Satans from the run of the show follows…

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