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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 24: The Sealed Room

Sealed Room

So last year we stumbled upon a new theme to kick off our Day 24s. We showed the Edison Frankenstein, i.e. the 1910 silent film version that ran about twelve minutes. So it hit me: hey, short silent horror movies.

While poking around for some contenders, I came across this Poe-inspired one from director D.W. Griffith. 1909’s The Sealed Room. Watch this and then ask yourself: were those the quietest stonemasons that ever lived? Or were those the loudest falling petals in all of creation? Or, perhaps even more astutely, ponder to yourself that perhaps it was just a silent film and thus, the doomed never heard the doom coming. Who can say?

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Before that today was I Was a/I Walked With a… (and Such) Day. We did a bit of that in 2008 with teenagers and marriage. And in 2007, we had I Walked With a Zombie among other things.