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Victory for Our Winners!


The Assassin Next Door will be borrowing a cup of sugar from Isaac Reynolds of Florida, Bob Gazda of Michigan, and Vicki Andrew of California

Christopher Donovan of Ontario, Jeffrey Kuebler of Kentucky, and Patric Krueger of Florida won’t be lonely with Solitary Man

Nina Andrews of Illinois and Matt Cochran of Arizona have won Bill Maher…“But I’m Not Wrong”

It’s Business Time for Manuel Saylor of Oregon, Colleen Camper of Texas, and Brian Keck of Florida: they’ve won Flight of the Conchords: Complete Collection

Spearhead: Home will be going home with Travis McDermott of Minnesota, Paul Gillingham of Newfoundland, and Louis Richards of Florida

The Universe: Our Solar System on Blu-ray goes to Lynda Carrera of Ohio

Burning Bright will be dining with Susan Varney of Maine, Deborah Cloyd of Virginia, and Roy Hamaura of British Columbia

Charles Felton of New York can go home with Pawn Stars Season 2

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