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Post-Christmas Winning!

Deflated Santa

The Baz Luhrmann Twofer of Blu-Rays will be headed to Ned French of Florida & Mark Moore of South Carolina

Jimi Hendrix: Guitar Hero will be rocking out with A.J. Waters of Nebraska, Ben Stein of Pennsylvania & Christine Groce of Ohio

Superman/Batman Apocalypse will be animating the lives of Travis Shores of Virginia, Daniel Parent of New Jersey & Joanne Cordell of Mississippi

The Duran Duran reissues will be headed to Amy Dahl of South Dakota

Superman/Shazam will be calling down the lightning (well, the latter half of the duo, anyway) for Steve Harper of Missouri & Thomas Austin of Connecticut.

Jethro Tull will be Standing Up for Jeff Rezzuto of Illinois

Crowded House will soon be crowding into the houses of Wayne Chow of Ontario & Debbie Criss of Indiana

Winter’s Bone is headed out to Hannah Killough of Nebraska, Laura Janisieski of Massachusetts & Mary Guldenstein of Michigan

It truly is a Winning Season for Lynn Marler of California, Sheryl Cullum of Ohio & Rita Cornell of Maine

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