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Yes, For the Power Bill

The power bill

Never let it be said we do not listen to our readers. Friend of Need Coffee, Scott White, recently gave a donation to the site via the support page. However, he also said: “This is for the power bill, DO NOT USE IT TO BUY BEER OR PIZZA!”

There you go, Scott. That’s a picture of the power bill you will be helping to fund. Georgia Beer or Georgia Pizza will not receive any of that coin.

Thanks to Scott for his help. The new Support section is online here, where donations can start at 99 cents, or you can roll your own amount (like Scott did) or you can have a subscription for automagic donations.

Let me take this moment to also thank our new sponsors, Isaac and Fleshvine. Sponsorship info can be found here.

It’s people like you that make this insanity possible. Many thanks.

Please Note: that is an actual power bill, I just cropped it so our info isn’t on there.

Please Also Note: Even we have limits. For example, you can’t donate and tell us it’s to go buy a giraffe, cover it with jam and ants and then stage “Dali: The Musical.” Primarily because we’ve already tried that and it was less than successful.

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