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Wayhomer Review #55: Battle: Los Angeles

Aaron Eckhart in Battle: Los Angeles

Episode #55 for Battle: Los Angeles, in which our protagonist talks about the advantages of putting the pedal to the floor and keeping it there, the fine line between rah-rah and oh-Christ and also how truth is generally always more horrible than fiction.

Update: Good news. Our friend has been located. Thanks to everyone who inquired.

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  • Just saw this at Starlight (paired with The Little Kato Movie That Couldn’t, sadly). Even through the cars, you could feel the audience’s nervous shifting at the tidal wave/devestation shots.

    Here’s a thing. Because Fleshvine and I are late for everything ever, we missed the first 10-15 of this. So, we never got the short 3 minute exposition bites of “You care about this guy because he’s getting married, and this guy because he lost his brother, and these guys because they’re just good pals, etc”. We came in right as Our Heroes were getting their briefing, and the word “go”. After Green Hornet, we caught the parts we missed in the late showing, and I honestly liked it better without them. You definitely picked up on all the character details, without needing to have it spoonfed. I also thought it added to the realistic “War is hell, we are losing, and these guys are just a set of grunts trying to get a job done” picture they were painting.

  • I love (LOVE) a “two-hours-of-shit-blowing-up-movie” with a bonus for “Marines-kicking-alien-ass”. This sounds right up my alley. Question – can we take Kidlet?

    Also, I do appreciate how you review these movies – no, they aren’t high art but they can be (hopefully) entertaining and that’s all any of us sometimes want. So thanks for seeing them in the right perspective.

  • Thanks, Leigh. Yes, that’s why I started reviewing movies in the first place, back in 1923. Got tired of reading movies reviews from people who hated movies or at least had forgotten how to watch them.