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  • I enjoyed your review and as usual you are very much on point. Since you made the Ironman comparison I have to say that I think Thor is a much harder character to bring to the screen than Tony Stark. Not only do you have to find your way through the marvel mythology and make it believable but Thor is one of those characters like Superman that is almost too powerful to make interesting. Exactly how do you challenge that sort of character and still hold your audience of (majority) non-comic readers? It’s why every Superman movie is ultimately tied to the same tired kryptonite required plot. Thor, however, turned out to be an interesting character without the powers. Everyone held up their end (except the warriors three, but let’s be honest they were there to set up Lady Sif later as an additional love interest). To me Thor side stepped the Superman curse perfectly and can take the pepsi challenge with Ironman any day.

  • C, thanks for the comment. Well, I think Sif might have been in there for a triangle setup that was discarded…they were mostly there to give us A) a way to switch back to Asgard and get commentary on what was going on there and 2) somebody superpowered to fight the Destroyer so it wasn’t just a walk up and smack down sort of thing. It’s hard for me to compare Thor and Superman because the first film is just so iconic and the second film…I love the CRAP out of the second film. But I take your point. DC has to struggle to figure out what to do with Superman due to his power level and they struggle to figure out what to do with Wonder Woman for…well, FSM knows why they do, but they do. At least with Thor Marvel, comic book wise, before they somehow started turning out better movies than comics, did things that were interesting that kept him from just waltzing through stuff. Simonson’s run had a lot do with that, I think. Anyway, again, thanks for the comment. Glad you dug the review.