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Wayhomer Review #63: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Episode #63 for Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which our protagonist lucks out at a legitimate chance to talk about one of his favorite adventure films, has high praise a pre-doldrums Harrison Ford and imagines what would happen if they tried to make this film today.


  • *pushes glasses up all nerd like*
    The Well of Lost Souls should have had Ammut instead of Anubis!
    *runs away giggling*

  • This brings back memories. I should have been watching that movie on the big screen during my time in Cardiff, Wales. I joined the film society there (naturally) and that meant we could go to press screenings (I was at more press screenings at 10am, than in classes at 11am, percentage wise). Yet Raiders would have been a special screening just for the society. The cinema or the guys who ran the society did a mistake though and we watched it on a TV screen in a pub. And then… oh well, this is a long story. That movie is pure magic.

  • Well. We. Did a movie quiz. And I answered the questions about Raiders before we watched it. Quoted “Asps. Very dangerous. You go first” So you COULD say, I wiped the floor with my opponents. Kinda.