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Wayhomer Review #70: X-Men: First Class

James McAvoy as Professor X in X-Men: First Class
You will pervy I seemed in the Narnia movies.

Episode #70 for X-Men: First Class, in which our protagonist reverses course on his opinion on Fox vs. Marvel, has nothing but praise for the ability to make silk’s purse out of a sow’s continuity conundrum and apologizes profusely for the one thing he really did not like about the film.

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  • Generally agreed, had a lot of fun with this film, due greatly to the work of McAvoy and Fassbender. And as you say, the un-credited cameos were wonderful.

    I actually disagree with you on your bad point and one of your good points. Beast’s appearance did not bother me, at least not enough to take me out of the movie. It seemed consistent with how his character appeared the rest of the time. I was not a fan of Kevin Bacon, though. Not his performance, per se, but just him in that role in general. To me it seemed to add a level of cheese which clashed with how much the other two leads really sold their roles. But that’s me.

    Also, Emma Frost was just so pointless. Like you said, not every character is going to get much depth, but they had a chance with her and failed royally. Essentially, she was just Betty Draper with diamond skin, and that wasn’t working.

    All that said, still definitely worth seeing.

  • I actually sort of liked the way Bacon fit in with whatever age he was in. In his Schmidt persona, he was totally cheeseless, I thought. Which just made the transition to 60s swinger all the more disturbing. I agree, if it had just been the 60s Shaw persona, I don’t think it would have worked.

    Frost worked for me because she was just basically a frigid machine. The scene with her and the Russian general worked and I love when she just basically throws in with Erik because he’s the new Big Kahuna. So yes, you could have had her playing up more but I think then you stray into serious “double villain” territory, and few comic book films can pull that off.

    But that’s just me. Was enjoying myself way too much–and if a film can get me not to care about its wrinkles then that is an excellent film. Rare, too. Thanks for the comment, chief.