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Wayhomer Review #69: Green Lantern 3D

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Episode #69 for Green Lantern 3D, in which our protagonist discusses your partnership with a film, how you can say the words “Final Battle” and make it a proper noun, and how Ryan Reynolds has again been misused. Also, he’s heavily medicated.

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  • You stated almost exactly the same I stated over at The Unique Geek listserv. The story was a little boring and could have been tighter. Ryan Reynolds was a good Hal Jordan. Mark Strong was a really good Sinestro. And, Peter Sarsgaard produced a surprising good performance as Hector Hammond, even though I don’t know that much about the character. Overall, it was just an okay movie and, hopefully if there is a sequel, the next will be better with more Sinestro and the Corp.

  • Ed and Widge…separated at birth? Well we know which one got the hair!

    And Widge has a black car…UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Movie was boring and WB has found a way to make time pass as slowly as high school.

  • There are no exterior shots of the vehicle, so some people may not know me that well and wonder why I’m whining about the heat all the time.

    Five degree advantage in the winter, though. So.

  • Your hand gesture and body language in the freeze frame before you hit play says it all.

  • @B. Smith: I’m glad you think that…my initial fear was “What if people think I’ve gotten rear-ended by another vehicle?” :-)

  • You were entirely way too kind of Green Lantern in my opinion. I had similar problems with the film as you did, but all of the things you listed (origin story, sfx, alien worlds) that you said was handled well… I kind of pretty much hated all of that too. Guess this one just had my bad movie number!

    Continued love on your Wayhomers though Widge, D*Con is looming!!!!