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DragonCon 2010: Make the Bad Men Stop, Part 2


In lieu of a new Weekend Justice, which will be returning next week, we offer up another bit of archival material from DragonCon 2010. Each year, we wind up doing a two-part panel in which we discuss movies that are coming, normally based on properties that you hold near and dear. We destroy any hope you might have for a successful film and somebody in the audience generally winds up crying.

Thanks to Jon from The Unique Geek for capturing this panel for what passes for posterity. Thanks to Leigh for letting us invade her track room to do this. And thanks to everybody who came out, who seem to enjoy having their dreams perforated and torn to writhing shreds.

As pointed out in Part 1 of this panel, we play “Panel Bingo.” It’s exactly what you think it is. Prizes are fabulous.

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  • Last year our bookstore staff was all present at this panel. Despite this, hearing about “Pregnesia” again had us all laughing. We have spent the entire week putting in Medical Romance Dramas, but none of them has been as horrifying as “Pregnesia”. Thank you for putting this online just when we needed it.