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Wayhomer Review #78: 30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less

Episode #78 for 30 Minutes or Less, in which our protagonist explains why he didn’t go see the Glee movie, talks about the balancing act of doing a proper dark comedy and comes up with a way the film could have ended early.

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  • I was actually a little intrigued by the movie. Glee is such a piece of crap, I can understand you not wanting to see a piece of crap IN 3D…

  • We were going to see 30 Minutes or Less this weekend, and boy was I glad I could talk them out of it. The Help was great!

  • I’m still thoroughly convinced that anyone who claims that glee is anything like HSM has either never watched it or watched a really off episode, and even then only in parts. It’s more like Mean Girls with really good singing. Comparing glee and HSM is like comparing Transformers and the Terminator because both movies have robots, and it’s such a lazy way to insult it. That being said, I had no desire to see the concert movie either.

  • I’m not talking specifically about you, just irritating glee bashers in general, you were actually pretty fair in your opinion about the show, still wrong about the HSM comparison (I’ve seen both, I like both, but for very different reasons) but you didn’t actually say glee sucks because it’s just copying HSM, therefore I gots no beef with you sir. But I can admit us glee fans are crazy, we will cut a bitch if necessary.

  • In that case, I am glad I am not a bitch. IMO, everything will always have a fan, no matter how bad/odd/something else it is perceived to be by non-fans. There are very few things that have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. And Glee does have redeeming qualities, even if I can’t watch it myself. So. There you have it.