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Wayhomer Review #85: Killer Elite

Statham, DeNiro and Owen in Killer Elite

Episode #85 for Killer Elite, in which our protagonist tries to make some sort of mixed metaphor thing about cars and seas, is happy to see DeNiro acting the badass again, and doesn’t mention Clive Owen‘s pornstache out of respect for the man.

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  • Wow, kinda harsh on this one.

    I do sort of know what you mean. Stronger story than, say, The Expendables, but not well-written enough to be LeCarre, either.

    This movie was kind of a throwback for me. You used to see more of these (relatively) low-budget espionage/action flicks back in the 70s and 80s.

    Personally, it worked for me (though it almost didn’t; that opening sequence used at least three cars that were too new to be in a scene set in 1980 and that bugs the CRAP out of me). There was a refreshing moral ambiguity to the setup, and the performances were pretty good.

    And they DID explain Owens’ character’s eye; it came up somewhere that it had been shot out.

    I really liked the action sequences, and I liked the characters. It wasn’t brilliant, but it was a pretty good time-killer.

  • Brett: Thanks for the comment…you’re right, they do explain it. He explains it himself–I want to say in the scene in the apartment, if you remember what I mean–but for forever before that it was just a thing where I knew something was wrong or…not, wasn’t sure. Like I said, just distracting. And that was my thing: liked action, liked the characters. Time-killer, yes. But if it had been fine with being That, I think I would have enjoyed it more. But some movies work better for some than others–so more power to you, my friend. Thanks again. :-)