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Your Weekend Justice #130: “Research”

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that will bum rush you, but only in the classical sense. This podcast was engineered–some might say over-engineered–by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and definitely overwrought. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.


Jackee from 227


  • Aaron’s bum rush
  • Meet facial hair
  • Opens with a BOMBSHELL
  • Going in and out
  • What’s weird
  • The O Face sound…revealed!
  • Ruining Aaron’s daily routine
  • The perfect gift
  • What’s under the table?
  • The Rhythm Method
  • New Streets of Rage soundtrack
  • Introductions: A New Scent
  • Doctor Who rant…at last
  • Leighverse version of Doctor Who
  • Mischief and hatred
  • Torchwood and suckitude
  • Leigh’s swallowing story
  • [ad#rightpost]

  • Borrowing kleenex
  • The Muppets Movie
  • The How I Met Your Mother ending
  • Mad Men clones
  • Leigh vs. Playboy
  • Rox vs. Playgirl
  • Aaron vs. butt dialing spam
  • Jon vs. credit card thieves
  • What they don’t have in Ireland
  • Netflix and fun with cable
  • Beatboxing
  • Leigh takes us to a very dark place
  • The WarBarrer
  • Katy Perry and Rihanna
  • Pearl Jam
  • Your 227 History Lesson
  • SPOILERS: The new Companion and Doctor
  • rain
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    • The fact the top 2% gets ridicolous ammounts of tax cuts while the rest of us have to take the responsibility? But this is getting politic so I’ll stop.

    • Widge: The entire linchpin of the series are 3 questions which I’m pretty sure I know:
      1. Who is Madame Kovarian? I have two candidates one more likely than the other.
      2. Who does River Song kill? This is an easy one.
      2. What is the Question? I’m almost 100% certain with my answere to this it’s: who?

    • People I want to see in the suit who are not River Song:
      10) Jackson Lake (“The Next Doctor”)
      9) The Brigadier
      8) Wilfred (because I don’t think he would ever shoot the Doctor and I would love to know why)
      7) Ace
      6) Barbara Wright
      5) Rose’s Mother or Father
      4) The Mysterious Timelady
      3) Captain Jack
      2) David Tennant
      1) Sylvester McCoy

    • Having had the pleasure of meeting the guy, I want to see McCoy in practically anything. Watching him do comedy was very informative, I must say.

      As we discussed, you could throw various people in the suit for just a head-fake…but I think that would cause more trouble than it’s worth. I’m thinking it’s one of our four “regular” cast members (by which I mean also River). That being said, if it’s River at this point it’s almost too obvious. Amy and Rory as well. So I think the person in the suit is…the Doctor himself. Because if you think about it, if he knows something is going to happen, he’s great at planning–when it’s somebody he cares about. We’ve already seen this with him giving River a screwdriver prior to The Library. And I think a nice way to do what they’re talking about for next series–taking him off Earth and doing standalone episodes–would be his way of getting his head on straight following all of this madness that he (probably did) bring upon himself.

      That is my theory at the moment, subject to change without sense. Thanks for the comment, Carmel.

    • The real key to it all is not who is in the astronaut suit because it’s not River (and I’ll get to that later). The entire season is not built upon the Silence, or the Church, or Madame Kovarian (but its close). The entire season hinges upon those three working together to get rid of the Doctor. Mostly Madame Kovarian. Why does she hate the Doctor so much? Her name is apparently an anagram that indicates her as the Rani but she is not. I have narrowed it down to two equally ridiculous candidates.
      1. Madame Kovarian is a rogue Ganger of River Song whom survived long after Song’s death and for some unknown reason wishes to kill the Doctor. Evidence:
      • River has history with the Church (Kovarian’s minions) whom she encountered in Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.
      • River has a history with Dorium Maldovar (“I’m old, I’m fat, I’m blue!”) whom Kovarian contacted in A Good Man Goes to War.
      • Amy and Melody Pond’s ganger was able to stay in human form for very long periods of time with zero effort because they were more “advanced versions”. Could this be the version of the Flesh that Kovarian uses?
      2. The “good man” that River is going to kill? Rory. And Amy (consumed with grief and probably in possession of a vortex manipulator) blames the Doctor and sets out to kill him. She becomes Madame Kovarian and joins with the Church whom she also has history with.
      I’m leaning more towards the later but the first one is definitely a possibility. However, with almost zero uncertainty I can say that River Song kills Rory. Let’s examine the evidence:
      1. In A Good Man Goes to War at no point is it stated that the Doctor is the good man in question. In fact the Doctor truly does not go to war. But the Lone Centurion sure does.
      2. River song has never once stated that she kills the Doctor. And frankly after Closing Time it would just be too obvious.
      Who is in the astronaut suit? That is a good question but I’m going to caution a guess and say (considering next year’s 50th anniversary) it is either a past or future Doctor. Why would the Doctor do it? Well in A Good Man Goes to War, God Complex, and Closing Time the Doctor learned that he is just too involved in the lives of his companions an d too well known in the universe. The fact that the Church knew how to get to the Doctor is wrong. Moffat loves the classic series and in the classic series the Doctor was not the known entity he is now. He was a mysterious entity that showed up saved the day and vanished.

      But all of that are just cherries on top of the real reason the Doctor “kills himself” i.e. fakes his death. Yes, he does want to be an unknown entity again and all that but what really happens is that: He finds out what the oldest question in the universe is. The question that makes the silence fall. A question that he cannot allow to be answered. And that question is: who?