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Solve This: Episode 1.4

And now for something that is pretty much old hat, considering it’s the final episode of the first series. But the gist is thus:

It’s Solve This, the improvisational panel show and podcast that is already getting that older podcast paunch that it will need to spend lots of time on a treadmill to lose. It’s been an every-Tuesday thing for four weeks. A panel of four problem-smacking experts smack problems for the amusement of civilization.

*Please note: the beginning of the episode might sound a bit wonky. With help from Dr. Boutelle, this was remedied later on.

Joining me for this episode are, in alphabetical order:

  • Jon Boutelle, president and CWTFO of The Unique Geek
  • Ryam Patrick Eros, actor and purveyor of improv
  • J.J. Hawkins, host of Mars Needs Podcasts
  • Aaron Poole, former host of Cabin Fever, blogger and keeper of vocabulary
  • [audio:]

    If you have a problem you’d like to have addressed by our panel of experts, send it to solve this at (this domain).

    Or if you want to do something else with it, the feed feed for all our podcasts is here.

    To download this directly, Solve This, then do that thing.

    Now that the first series is over, if there’s going to be a second series it’s up to you. Tweet this, Facebook it, Stumble it…everything you do to spread the word about things you love. If the demand is there, we will fill it. So until the second series, the problem is for you to solve, friends.