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The Proper Response to a Failed Joke is Sometimes… a T-Shirt

Crickets T-Shirt

There are many times in real life (whatever that means) where the Weekend Justice Sound Board could come in handy. Being a member of the Weekend Justice League has its perks. Well, one or two, anyway. One is that “Crickets” can be called/declared by any one of us and the WEJ Sound Board is there to oblige. But you may have a friend who is horrible at telling jokes. Or a college professor who bores the tits off you. Or just a politician that needs to be shown that he’s putting you to sleep.

Whatever the occasion: when you wear this shirt, you can simply show off your chest–or if you need emphasis, point to it. If we were Thinkgeek, you could then touch the letters and the noise would erupt from hidden speakers in the garment. But we are not Thinkgeek. So just use your imagination, like we always had to do before the advent of t-shirt sound FX technology. (Kids, ask your parents.)

The shirt is available in multiple styles…all of which can be found in our Need Coffee Zazzle Store. Enjoy!

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  • i must be a failure because i did not even know that you could make your clothes have sound effects and i am of generation z born in the 90s.