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Wayhomer Review #111: The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games

Episode #111 for The Hunger Games, in which our protagonist praises showing vs. telling, figures that Lionsgate has figured out how to print money at this point and avoids having a car which is trying to occupy the same space as his! Fun.

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  • DEFINITELY read the book, man. In my opinion, it blows the movie out of the water. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • “…without further adieu it’s time to start running!” -matinee, please.

  • If you saw Precious you already knew Lenny Kravitz could act. He’s even better in that (larger) role.

  • Haven’t read or seen The Hunger Games, don’t know if I’m going to. Just one thought.
    Compare and contrast the MARKETING of ‘John Carter’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. Why the big push for one and practically nothing for the other?

  • Nebulous: That is a fantastic question that needs to be asked–mostly by Disney. Simply put: Lionsgate knew what they had and were confident. Disney did not know what they had and felt shaky. Also what’s sad–and a bit hilarious–budget for HG? $78M. Budget for JC? $250M. Size does matter, but generally in the opposite direction–especially where budgets are concerned.

  • Dangit, I should have learned by now, I need to check out your Wayhomers more often; I was on the fence about seeing this movie, even though I loved the book(s), I didn’t think a movie would be able to pull it off, and the one person I knew who’d seen the movie but hadn’t read the books, felt that it didn’t make sense. So I’m glad to hear an opposite opinion of that. Wish I’d seen in in theaters. But at least now I know to catch it as a rental.