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Wayhomer Review #141: Django Unchained

Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

Episode #141 for Django Unchained, in which our protagonist is on board the Tarantino train once more, appreciates how the filmmaker turns things up to 11, and also enjoys a bit of Dark Leo.

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    a little bit too obvious —and about
    3 decades too late as POST American
    takedown and RED China handover unfold. . . .

  • Excellent film, and DiCaprio disappeared into the role better than usual. The sections after the compulsory Mexican standoff were less than perfectly paced, but overall this movie’s the beez-kneez. I’ll buy it when it’s out. Also the Tarantino cameo was his funniest so far. Finally a recommendation: In case you have not seen The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford it’s a great “western” drama, slow, but super intense, that I think was on par with True Grit, plus The Proposition by John Hillcoat, with Guy Pearce and Ray Winstone (awesome) set in Australia to go along with it. Wonderful true grit indeed…

  • Montag: I’d put Assassination above just about any western for sheer beauty of the cinematography. It was almost too good, in that I kept forgetting to pay attention to, you know, plot and stuff…

  • Yeah, it is a very deliberately paced and loosely woven film, but the intensity of the character drama unfolding, especially creepy little Casey Affleck working his magic against the terror radiating off Brad Pitt (almost as menacing as Bardem in No Country, still top of the ladder scary antagonist-wise) was enough to keep me watching. Pitt surprised me the most actually, his best acting I’ve seen to date.
    I really recommend The Proposition though in case you haven’t caught it yet.