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Something Else Now on Audible

Something Else: The Complete First Season cover art (idol)

Just a headsup: my short story collection, Something Else: The Complete First Season–previously (and still) available on the Kindle–is now also available as an unabridged audiobook, read by me. My story, “Matches,” serves as the audio sample.

It’s twenty-four pieces of short fiction and the entire thing clocks in at just under two hours. You can snag the audiobook for just around $6 or grab it free if you sign up for an Audible trial period. Either way, whatever form you try out the book, leave a review on Amazon for it, would you? And help to spread the word. It’s greatly appreciated.


  • Nice! Does this include your short fiction materials you offered here as entries of 32 Days of Halloween? Can one buy a copy readable without an kindle or other e-book reader?

  • Montag: Yes, these are re-recorded versions of some of the 32 Days stories. I don’t think all of them made an appearance. Right now there’s no dead tree version…my plan is to get all three seasons out on Kindle and then combine them into a book-book.

  • Cool. I might have to buy a kindle. Also I have to read up on such machines and formats…

  • Bear in mind, they have Kindle apps for just about everything under the sun. So you don’t actually have to have a Kindle device…

  • Thanks, but I don’t own a smartphone, I’m weirdly oldschool about my telecommunication :-) I just need text and call though my phone can access the internet, just in case…