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Wayhomer Review #157: Pacific Rim IMAX 3D (2013)

Gipsy Danger Jaeger Punching from Pacific Rim

It’s Episode #157 for Pacific Rim, in which our protagonist outlines what a bigass summer explodo movie should bring to the table, wants rocket punching and giant monsters, and thinks Idris Elba can speechify like nobody’s business.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • Didn’t expect this to be a good film although I appreciate Del Toro’s works. Will try and watch it at the cinema. However, I was surprised to find a similarly themed action/creature epic I didn’t pay attention to, that surpassed most of my expectations: Attack on Titan (the anime series). Now I’m not sure you like anime at all, but if there’s only one you’re willing to give a chance to and it isn’t Cowboy Bebop, make it Attack on Titan. First in a long time that is genuinely disturbing (effective terror on the creatures part) and fun at the same time. To sum it up it’s about jet propelled swashbuckling spidermen fighting maneating AT-AT-s.

  • Montag: Anime or not, if I couldn’t get behind the concept of “jet propelled swashbuckling spidermen fighting maneating AT-AT-s” then check me for a goddamn pulse…

  • :-) I knew those were the exact words to hook the likes of a Widgett. Also there are Walls.