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Wayhomer Review #158: The Wolverine 3D (2013)

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (2013)

It’s Episode #158 for The Wolverine (2013), in which our protagonist writes Hugh Jackman a total pass, wonders where all the ninja fights were, and thinks eventually we’ll get enough footage of the character where somebody can splice together a fan film that does Wolverine justice. Eventually.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • Well beyond his height (plus I’m not a TC fan at all) the story of that film would’ve worked with Wolvie just as well, considering the miraculous ending of TLS. Plus it would’ve been cool to see Wolverine restrained by mere rogue samurai. Also it had Billy Connolly who’s plain badass.

  • The last time you didn’t drive after a movie (SATCII)you were feeling a bit poorly, so I have to ask, are you ok? (Actually, the last time you didn’t drive was because you loved Avengers too damn much and wanted to enjoy the afterglow, he, he).
    Anyway, I hope you are ok.

  • Lisbeth: Thank you so much for asking. No, my car’s air conditioning is not functioning at full capacity, so on very hot days we make an executive decision to switch places and someone else drives. I much prefer to drive, but really, trying to hold the camera steady is as distracting as Atlanta traffic, so either way, reviewing films is a challenge. :-)

  • Montag: You are correct in that Billy Connolly makes any movie better. I would like to see a buddy cop movie with Connolly and Morgan Freeman, come to think of it.