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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 10: Vampire Over London!

Bela Lugosi in Vampire Over London

First things first…in previous years I’ve posted some Japanese trailers of English language horror movies. The theory was that the really deep, booming, scary voice speaking Japanese over horrific imagery made things even scarier than usual. I had no idea what they were saying: they could have been coupling Day of the Dead with a dramatic reading of Dr. Seuss or something and how would I know? However, I amend my earlier theory to say that…I think trailers in Japan are more fucked up in general. Case in point: The Amityville Horror was a bit scary…but this Japanese trailer…sans narration…makes it look like a change-your-shorts piece of insanity. Check it out…


And is it just me…or does the young James Brolin in that look a lot like Christian Bale in certain shots?

Next up: the man who would be the one, true Peter Vincent–Roddy McDowall reads some Lovecraft. He released two stories on vinyl back in 1966. Here is the A-side, “The Outsider.” Very nice.

Did you know he read the audiobook of the novelization of Tim Burton’s Batman? True story.

And another find by your friend and mine, Rox. I have seen this before but forgot it…because it’s utterly mental. Arthur Lucan stars in the final Mother Riley film…final in a run of seventeen films. For those who don’t know, Old Mother Riley was…well, imagine a vintage English Medea. Here Lucan, playing Mother Riley, comes up against Bela Lugosi himself–Lugosi as a supposed vampire and criminal mastermind, of course. And be prepared for a musical interjection that will make you never look askance at a Bollywood film again.

The film was also released as My Son the Vampire and Mother Riley Meets the Vampire.