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The Week in Links

Lego Helicarrier
'How does Fury even see these?' 'His head swivels.'

  • Well, we learned this week that the Lego version of the Helicarrier will be released in March–with 2996 pieces and running about $350. I have a feeling this one is going to get snapped up like nobody’s business–eBay auctions are already underway for $1000. This is basically this generation’s G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier. For parents, though, a warning: be prepared for your kids to re-enact the helicarriers from Winter Soldier. I’m just telling you now. Brickset has a number of pics. No pre-order link yet.
  • Rox appeared in an article and interview regarding her life and unclassified adventures–plus as much information about Spazhouse as we’ve seen since the VH1 Behind the Music special from 1997.
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  • Rob, Whoivan ambassador to the United Nations, also appeared on Earth Station Who Episode 93, making a cameo appearance about 13 minutes in.
  • And Dom runs the #1 podcast in Germany. I posted his Kevin Eastman interview to the Facebook page, but let’s make sure we have it here, yes?
  • Rob also posted this: Jean Cocteau gave a speech to the year 2000 back in 1962, hoping that we had not become robots. Mr. C, we’d settle for being serious cyborgs. I’m just past forty and my knees are total bullshit. I’m just saying.
  • And on the Pinterest boards, my theory about animals only being cute and working together in order to one day rise up and kill all the humans gained new evidence as we saw dogs are starting to adopt creatures with thumbs.
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    • Animals resent your implication, and the Golden Revolution would like to issue a statement decrying such slander as mere humanist propaganda. The pandas are, for example, practicing air repelling only for sea and air rescue, not to, say, crash through the skylights of stupid humans and send them to their Eternal Reward.