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32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 10: Crack in the World!

Crack in the World (1965)

For this Sunday evening, let’s begin with something I like to visit from time to time: Japanese movie trailers. Especially in the horror genre, with the right Japanese narrator speechifying at you and with the sort of imagery that the horror genre can provide, they can be pretty goddamn harrowing. Granted, nothing will ever come close to the grand weirdness that is HOUSE!!, but then again…what does? This is for 1964’s Kwaidan, which, if you went just by the description, is a tale of everything plus madness and the absurdity of breathing.

For tonight’s feature film, we stay in the 1960s for Crack in the World. This is not the illicit substance but instead what happens when scientists fire a rocket into the Earth to do research and wind up setting off a chain reaction that could tear the planet asunder. Which just goes to show you–sometimes you go into the Earth on an adventure with a duck, sometimes you wind up potentially ending mankind. It’s a crapshoot down there. Just say no.