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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 10: 4D Man!

4D Man

Day 10 already? Damn, 32 Days of Halloween flies when you’re having fun. We’re going to go back to that out of print treasure trove of Poe readings and songs, Closed on Account of Rabies. This time let’s hear Diamanda Galás read “The Black Cat,” followed by Jeff Buckley reading “Ulalume.”

Sometimes when one title just isn’t enough, you re-issue something like 4D Man with the name Master of Terror, or in the UK as The Evil Force. When your brother steals your girl, what do you do? Why, what any red-blooded American male would do: become a four-dimensional criminal! It’s sorta kinda would have happened if Tobe Hooper had directed an adaptation of Flatland. This 1959 film is also the first appearance of Lee Meriwether (Batman) and Robert Lansing (The Nest). Enjoy!