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The 33rd Day of Halloween: Countess Dracula!

Countess Dracula

Happy 2nd Halloween everyone! Confused? It’s an idea I gleaned from The Oatmeal a while back and it has helped me to make it through the holiday season since then. This way, you get all the food…and yet the mayhem of Halloween! Join me!

Anyway, because of this, it’s time for a special edition extra Day of Halloween. Because we can, of course. Let’s start with two iconic horror actors and commercials revolving around food. I think you’ll agree that these performances rank among the scariest of their respective careers.

And thus, onto our feature film to while away the hours you’ll need to spend digesting turkey. It’s 1971’s Countess Dracula, a Hammer film starring Hammer regular Ingrid Pitt as Elizabeth Bathory with Nigel Green (Masque of the Red Death). It’s the Bathory story…namely her somewhat…eccentric bathing practices. Enjoy.

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