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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 23: Witchcraft!

Witchcraft (1964)

Well, we’re getting in the gimmick side of things tonight…and since we are, we have to give a nod to the King of Horror Gimmicks: William Castle. Here’s a brief retrospective of his genius/madness.

Yes, the image up top is promotional for Witchcraft, the 1964 film that stars Lon Chaney Jr. in (as Wikipedia phrases it) “one of his last proper acting roles.” And if you’re anything like me, your first thought was: “Where can I get me a ‘witch deflector’?” Good question. No clue. I wonder how many of them are even still around. I did find a single image of one on a forum, but that’s it. I guess we’ll have to face the unknown without one. Good luck.