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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 30: Raw Meat!

Raw Meat (1972)

So as we draw towards the final stretch of 32 Days of Halloween–our tenth year, Gods help us–it becomes a struggle to find the good stuff that we want to make sure we include. It sort of shifts–at the beginning, you wonder if you’re going to have enough stuff. At the end, you realize there’s too damn much. Sort of like life, really. So that’s why after the selection of our feature film, it was easy to post this episode of This Is Your Life, featuring Christopher Lee and a ridiculous amount of talent coming out to talk about him. Priceless stuff.

As for tonight…I’m not exactly certain how we’ve been able to go this long without bringing you a film called Raw Meat (although that’s the American title…it was originally Death Line in the UK because…well, it was 1972 and exploitation horror was all the rage). A cannibal who’s lived underground his entire life and used the tube as he hunting ground is sought by a detective (played by Pleasence). According to Wikipedia (which is always right), Brando was originally supposed to play the cannibal. That would have been wild. Regardless…enjoy.