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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 4: The Maze!

The Maze (1953)

Let’s start off with a trailer for a film that I’m really looking forward to–it hits November 30th. The madness that is Anna and the Apocalypse:

Let’s just hope it delivers on its promise of musical mayhem. Now let’s check in with your friend and mine, Sir Christopher Lee, as he reads some classic Poe. It’s his rendition of “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

Now, unfortunately, there isn’t a 3-D version of the film online for you to smash red and blue plastic against your eyes and enjoy. But still, we bring you 1953’s The Maze. What happens when your fiancé breaks up with you after inheriting a Scottish castle? Well, normally, you’d just say whew, dodged that bullet, and move on with your life. But our heroine decides to go after him and in doing so, uncovers a strange mystery that seems like it will be the death of her beloved! (Moving on still probably would have been a better option.) Enjoy!