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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 5: Dementia!

Dementia (1955)

Before we get to tonight’s feature presentation, let’s stop in 1941 for some Halloween hijinks courtesy of Jack Benny. And, of course, Jell-O.

We’ve entertained ourselves with previous Jack Benny Halloween specials, so I guess we’re just working our way through the 1940s at this point when it comes to Jack. Now, we revisit a failed anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff: The Veil. This is the first episode of that series, “Vision of Crime.”

So now our film: we go back to 1955 and a weird-as-hell flick that’s like Carnival of Souls and David Lynch’s id were put in a blender to make a smoothie. No dialogue in this version, just the “beat-noir nightmare cult movie classic” as one poster calls it (the one used for the video thumbnail below, in fact). Enjoy.