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The Head! (1959)

32 Days of Halloween XIII
Movie Night #16

Well, here we are at the halfway mark of this thirteenth edition of 32 Days of Halloween. And at some point in each year’s proceedings, what just happened happens. I begin to think: “Maybe we’ve finally run out of movies. Maybe I’ve finally posted everything I can lay my digital hands upon.” And then, as always, I run across something that makes me think: “oh, I don’t even have to search to make sure we haven’t posted that. If we had I would remember.”

It’s the German film from 1959, The Head. Although its actual title over there was Die Nackte und der Satan. Or, as Wikipedia literally translates it for us (and they’re always right), “The Naked and The Satan.” It was hard for me to decide what the best part of the poster was, but I think finally I had to conclude it was the notation “Careful – don’t drop it!”. Amazing.

This film shows what love will make you do when you’re presented with a woman you’d do anything for and a crazy serum that will keep a decapitated head alive. But I suppose you could have guessed what all that was anyway. Regardless, enjoy.