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#TrackoftheDay: “Kreepsville 666”

Kitty in a Casket
Austria (2013)

Kitty in a Casket

I wonder if you had the same thought I did. When you heard there is a band called Kitty in a Casket with a female lead singer, did you hope her name was Kitty Casket? Because that’s where my brain immediately went. And saints preserve us in a jam jar, that’s her name. Sometimes there is a natural balance of things in the world.

There are a lot of “scary” bands where they’re firmly planted in the Halloweenish and they sound it. Kitty in a Casket is there, yes, but sonically they sound like they’ve had some really good therapy and really well-adjusted about who they are. May we all someday reach the level of inner rocking peace that they have.

You can check them out at their official site here.