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Matcha Love Energy – Drink Review

Matcha Love Energy

This review is going to be relatively short. I am also going to use within it a word I seldom use on this site. And the word is: “lovely.”

Because that’s what Matcha Love Energy is. A shot of a green tea/matcha blend which tastes like…well, green tea. But that’s not what made it lovely. That was done by basically the most perfect amount of sugar I’ve probably ever experienced in a drink. Maybe it’s because it’s only 5.2oz of drink. I don’t get into chemistry. I do know that it certainly more sugary than it tastes because just for that little shot it’s got 9g of sugar, for 18% of your daily recommended sugar intake. But regardless, it sort of achieves what I would imagine the platonic form of green tea to be like.

Is there any energy boost? I mean…a little. But it could have been just the delight of having such a perfect little drink. Which, you know, it’s 2020. I’ll take delight almost anywhere I can find it.