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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 26: The Haunted House of Horror!

Well, we begin with Neil Gaiman, artistic overachiever that he is. I would love to interview him again, just so I could find out what sort of coffee he drinks. Pretty sure it’s the same that Olivia Colman drinks. When the hell do these people sleep?

Anyway, he has an album coming out with the FourPlay String Quartet, entitled Signs of Life. Here’s the debut track/video from it, which is definitely in line with the season. You can find the music and merch here.

Can’t seem to nail down if this episode was 1938 or 1939, but what I do know is that it’s one of two surviving episodes of The Black Chapel, out of a hundred episodes that were broadcast. It’s rare, it’s Halloweenish, it’s perfect.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten emails and messages from those of you who have been playing 32 Days of Halloween Bingo since Year One, and you’ve been flummoxed at the space marked “Frankie Avalon.” Well, if you were needing to mark that space to win, then you’re the big winner. We have 1969’s The Haunted House of Horror for tonight. This is instead of The Haunted House of Pancakes in 3-D, which, as we all know, starred John Candy.