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Halloween Music! You Know, For Kids!


Rather than go for an individual track today, let’s again delve into the world of playlists. My ongoing Halloween music project is the playlist “Halloween Kicks Every Other Holiday in the Face.” It’s about to break the 36 hour mark as far as songs go. So if you need to entertain yourself or others for a day and a half, you can listen to it without repeating anything.

However, it was pointed out to me earlier this month that there might be some…questionable language in it for kids. Especially if you’re blasting it out your windows where kids you have no jurisdiction over might be listening.

So because everyone deserves to ruin their hearing with loud Halloween music, I went through and re-curated the thing, pulling ten hours of songs out of it. Some of them for language, some of them because they were…a trifle disturbing, and some because they would just confuse the hell out of a very young person. Now…I wouldn’t call this kid-friendly, but I would classify it as non-kid-unfriendly. This version is called “Halloween Gives Every Other Holiday a Very Stern Talking To.” Enjoy.