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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 27: Without Warning!

Bloody hell, we’re about to run out of this thing. Again. But never fear, there are more Halloweens to come, you just have to want them.

But for now, let’s amuse ourselves by going back to 1948 and Quiet Please for their Halloween episode, “Calling All Souls.”

One Step Beyond. It’s not just a song by Prince Buster. It was an anthology show. And here is an episode from 1959. “Forked Lightning.”

Tonight’s final bit, is a feature with two names we don’t get enough of during 32 Days. Jack Palance and Martin Landau. It’s for the wild 1980 sci-fi/horror flick Without Warning, which also features another star: Kevin Peter Hall would later go on to play a different monster, in some little film called Predator. Enjoy.