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Kanaku y El Tigre – “El Funeral”

Peru, 2010

Album cover art for Caracoles by Kanaku y El Tigre. It's buildings in the distance over some hills.

Fan-tastic. When I’m posting music on the site, I try to grab something from anywhere and everywhere. And everywhen too. Because it’s very easy to get stuck with songs from familiar places and cultures. And they’re nice and whatnot, but you need to go out into the world to get additional good stuff.

The trouble with 32 Days of Halloween is I’ve tried to find Halloweeny music that doesn’t come from the USA, the UK, or Canada…and results have been limited at best. However, Rob, musicologist that he is, has put together a solid two-hour playlist of appropriate tunes south of the American border…and then just keep trekking down. Down to Lima, Peru for this one, by Kanaku y El Tigre.

The closing line is, roughly translated, “In the end we are all the fruit of worms and we can only sing.” Brilliant.