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32 Days of Halloween XVI, Day 19

Monroeville Mall with Ken Foree
Tales of the Unexpected: Lamb to the Slaughter
The Asphyx

A Victorian-dressed gentleman in an electric chair shocking the hell out of himself.

First up tonight, something amusing: there was a tour of Monroeville Mall (shooting location for the majority of the original Dawn of the Dead) led by Ken Foree. I have no idea if that was the intention or if Ken just took the lead and nobody tried to get it back from him because he’s Ken Goddamn Foree. Also on the tour are David Emge and many zombies from the film. (Including Sharon Ceccati, the nurse zombie, who I would have recognized instantly.) This footage was shot by Greg Nicotero.

Next, the Roald Dahl-based series Tales of the Unexpected. If you’re familiar with Dahl’s short stories (the more “adult” black comedy/horror ones), you probably know “Lamb to the Slaughter,” in which a woman murders her husband by bludgeoning him with a frozen leg of lamb and then has to get rid of the evidence somehow. (Just learned that was a suggestion to Dahl by some guy named Ian Fleming.) Here we have a version starring Susan George (Straw Dogs) and also Brian Blessed. Lovely.

So if you found out the secret to mortality…and how to basically deny it so you could live forever…what would that be like? And what mayhem would you undergo to deny your own death? That’s the question at the center of The Asphyx, in which photography, phosphorous, and a guinea pig are all tools of science and madness. Enjoy.