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Suja Organic Coffee Energy Shot – Review

I am not a fan of mushrooms. Personally, I feel like if you want to eat something that tastes like dirt…just eat dirt. I do not begrudge anyone else liking mushrooms…they’re just not for me.

I have, however, had some good experiences with mushrooms. No, not that kind. There is mushroom coffee…Four Sigmatic is the type I tried before. And rather than tasting like mushrooms, it more or less tasted like coffee. It didn’t give any sort of boost (reminder that my caffeine tolerance level is roughly equivalent to that of a Celestial) and so I didn’t really keep drinking it. It was enough like coffee that I just opted to stick with, you know, coffee coffee.

And I’ll pretty much try anything coffee-related, as long as it doesn’t have some kind of god-rotted artificial sweetener in it. Which brings us to this Suja shot, which I picked up while on sale. The difference between this and the Four Sigmatic coffee is that I could taste the mushrooms in this. Extensively. I have no idea if this experience would be shared with another human being, as my taste buds have been mutated by years of experimentation and abuse. I can only report on my own findings. But yes, if you want to taste mushrooms in your coffee (or probably coffee in your mushrooms is more accurate), then this is for you. I couldn’t finish it so I can’t really say if it would have been afterburner worthy. At 55mg of caffeine, though, I’m thinking probably not. Again: your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, professional driver on closed course.