Wicket the Ewok

How old were you when Return of the Jedi came out? Me, I was eleven. And yes, at the time I was entertained by the little furry guys known as Ewoks. I didn’t understand–and honestly, who could foresee–that this was indicative of the overly family friendly direction Lucas would take in his franchise?

I know that many of you love the Ewoks. Fair enough. Cosette and Thespia speak with great affection of watching The Ewok Adventure as children. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard them say “The Ewok Adventure…brought to you by…Huggies,” then I could, well, afford a really nice sandwich.

But still. I think our rampaging green friend below ultimately speaks for all of us when he expresses his reaction to the metaphor that is an Ewok: cute, furry, cuddly–but ultimately hostile and ready to jab your beloved franchise with a spear.

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