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Back From the Dead (1957)

32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 23: Back From...

We’ll get to this evening’s feature filled with possession and mayhem in a moment. But first, we go to the immortal Spike Jones and “I Was a Teenage Brain Surgeon” with vocals by the equally immortal Thurl Ravenscroft.

Stan Laurel in turban

Happy Birthday, Stan Laurel

Born on this date in 1890: Stan Laurel. Here in this snippet with his partner, Oliver Hardy, they perform shenanigans of the highest order. Previous bits we’ve posted of the duo can be found here. Direct link for the feedreaders.

Laurel and Hardy: Shh

Laurel and Hardy in German

As mentioned previously (and indeed, that one was pointed out by Mark Evanier as well), Laurel and Hardy shot their films in English, then would go back and re-shoot them reading their lines, now in a foreign language, phonetically written...

Laurel and Hardy in Spanish

Mark Evanier points out something we hadn’t known previously: Laurel and Hardy would reshoot films in different languages, reading the words phonetically. And sometimes foreign versions of the films had scenes which weren’t in...

Laurel and Hardy: Final Footage

Laurel and Hardy in 1956: Final Footage Ever?

Mark Evanier pointed this out–so go read his site to see the full skinnee on this. But speaking of skinnee–yes, that’s Oliver Hardy after losing a hundred pounds, per his doctor’s orders. This is post-stroke for Stan...