Your Weekend Justice #247: We Never Thought This Would Happen to Us, But…

Smokey and the Bandit Snowman Truck

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck…and holy shit, we’ve worked our way out of the 2015 recording archive and we careen into 2016. Amusingly, at the time of this recording, we still have no idea what a shitshow the year will be. Come join us and remember a kinder, more naive universe.


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Stuff You Need to Know: Arkham Dentistry Ain’t What It Used to Be…

Jon Bernthal as The Punisher

Why sift through a site where there’s a news story for every time any project sneezes? We read it all and we give you a digest version of just the important stuff. You’re busy and have a life. Everything else can wait. Enjoy.

  • First things first…it’s Prime Day at Amazon. You have to be a Prime Member, but hey, grab the 30-day trial membership and rock on with your bad self. You can cancel. Although I don’t recommend it. I use Prime all the time. And everything you purchase by going through us, we get kickbacks for. Thanks!
  • Jon Bernthal was spotted on the set of Daredevil as Frank Castle/Punisher. I’ll miss Ray Stevenson, but I think it works. Source/Photo via Just Jared.
  • Bruce Timm announced that next year should see the premiere of Batman: The Killing Joke as a DC animated feature. That’s…pretty ballsy. I wonder how faithful to that dark-as-hell book they’re going to be? Source.


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    Headsup: If They’re Not Wearing Masks, They’re Toting Guns

    There’s a lot of stuff that comes out all the time, and the companies are want your attention and mostly…your coin. But, you know, it’s your coin and you have to take care where you spend it. With these posts we try to take you through recent releases so you can make up your mind. If you find the info here to be of use, do us a favor and purchase stuff from Amazon through us. Especially if you were going to buy the stuff anyway. That gives us kickbacks, which help pay for things. Like the server. And coffee. And therapy. We thank you.

    Friday the 13th: Ultimate Collection DVD
    Green Lantern Extended Cut Blu-Ray
    Jem and the Holograms: Complete Series DVD


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    Stuff You Need to Know: David Tennant, Ready to Do Battle With the Undead

    David Tennant

    Pop culture news. There’s a lot of it. So you need it in easily digestible chunks with all the bloat removed. And you don’t need it the instant it becomes known. Or if you do, this post isn’t for you. But for those of you who have lives but still want to be kept up to date and stuff, here you go. You’re welcome. You can subscribe to the Stuff feed solo or get this as a free email newsletter.

  • Well, at least we get two things out of this new Fright Night trailer. One, we get some David Tennant. And we look to him to at least entertain us if the entire movie just goes right to hell. And two, we get a bit of humor–the last trailer was straight up serious, which left me cold. The great thing about the original film was that it was a horror movie with enough comedy in it to keep it from going 100% dark. It was a nice blend. So if they can get some of this dialogue with this cast and an updated version of that feel, we might have a decent movie on our hands.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

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    Win a Pope Fiction T-Shirt from Tshirt Bordello!

    Pope Fiction shirt from Tshirt Bordello

    For fans of Tarantino and/or papal violence, it’s Pope Fiction from Tshirt Bordello. Deny transubstantiation one more time. I double dare you.

    We’ve got it in an XL configuration to give away. Want to snag it? Here’s how you do that: enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it. Good luck!


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    Stuff: Red Dawn Remade With Canadians Attacking? Joke. It’s a Joke.

    Mighty Mugg Mola Ram

    Why in the hell would you try to keep up with pop culture yourself? Outsource it to us. We’re professionals.

  • Vertigo’s Exterminators, from Simon Oliver and Tony Moore, is headed for Showtime. I admit I haven’t read the book…should I?
  • Alfred Hitchcock is getting a boxed set that’s worth checking out from MGM: the Premiere Collection. It’s eight discs featuring Rebecca, Spellbound, Notorious, The Paradine Case, Sabotage, Young and Innocent, Lifeboat and The Lodger. They all feature new commentaries and “featurettes, screen tests, still galleries, vintage radio interviews, an AFI Tribute to Hitchcock and more.” It sounds pretty sweet, although I’ll reserve judgement to see how well the main three releases stack up to their out-of-print Criterion compatriots. SRP is $120, so hopefully the Amazon discount will be steep. Not available yet on Amazon, I’ll keep you posted.
  • Rupert Grint, yes, Ron Weasley, is on board with Cherrybomb. It’s, the article tells us, “a Belfast-set teen drama about two friends whose furious competition for a beautiful but manipulative girl has tragic consequences.” Sounds like it could be an indie success–let’s hope so, because I like all three of the main Harry Potter actors and I want them to succeed. In fact, it was Radcliffe I was the most concerned about and he’s doing just fine with his post-Potter plans. So rock on. Although I will point out that, since they are all young, they qualify for the Nuts on the Road shitlist.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Marvel Apes. No, Seriously.

    Marvel Apes

  • Amazon has a DVD sale for “Blockbuster and Indie” items. Find the sale here. The only title in there that I think is a must-own is Garden State for $8, but there’s 71 of them, so browse away. Found via Dealhack.
  • Ancient Squid Media. I don’t know anything about them other than I saw them in the latest Previews. And their choice of name is stellar. So I just wanted to share.
  • It looks like Marvel has finally wound down their zombie variant covers. And it’s about time. Don’t get me wrong: I dig zombies. And I dig Arthur Suydam. But when you start grasping at straws for what covers to parody, it’s time to pack it in. So. I’m glad that’s behind us.

    Marvel Apes? Are you kidding? Since when did Jonathan Coulton become editor at Marvel? Anyway, how long before they have zombie monkey variants? Anyone placing bets?


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    AFI Recruits Presenters For Their Top 10s

    Clint Eastwood

    CBS is going to be airing AFI’s 10 Top 10, in which the top 10 films in 10 genres are revealed. The AFI has also tapped ten artists “associated with each category” to present them and offer their insight on them as they do. All this according to Hollywood Reporter. This program airs on June 17th.

    Some of the choices are no brainers. Some of them…we have some suggestions to make them better. Box office info taken from Box Office Mojo, the nexus of all box office info.

    Clint Eastwood presents the Top 10 Westerns. No arguments will be given or tolerated. Only thing is he’s probably going to be involved with one or two of them. At least.

    Quentin Tarantino presents the Top 10 Gangster Films. I think we’re fine with this one, just because Tarantino is such a film nerd if he geeks out as he should then the show will be entertaining enough just for that.


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