Odds and Ends for 1-17-2006

Submitted for your approval, or at least your mild abuse–these three items:

Heard on 85th and Broadway: Guy: “I really hate the concept of Starbucks, but they really have the best product.” Man, I love Overheard in New York. Bonus, here’s another sweet one.

What’s scary is that the whole impaling rapists thing I could really go for. Found via Dave Barry.

To Jim Carrey, we have only one thing to say: slow traffic move right. Thanks. Found via Drudge.


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Odds and Ends for 1-8-2006

Little nuggets of content. Take them home and chew on them: they’re delicious.

This just can’t end well. Found via Drudge.

Neither can this.

Oh yeah, I know this well. Found via Boing Boing.

We heart Defamer.

I get all the caffeine of a tall but with less calories? Can’t wait to try this. Found via Gawker.

A most excellent list of House Rules for Monopoly. Two boards at once? Crazy insane!

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Odds and Ends for 12-3-2005

Oh great. Here come the lawyers to save us from soda. Thanks heaps. Dickheads.

Top 15 Richest Fictional Characters from Forbes. This list is cool, but it’s bullshit. My imaginary friend Dingo the Wonder Squirrel is a zillionaire and kicks all of these guys’ asses. Found via Digg.

I have no idea what this swimming regulation sign is trying to say, and I probably don’t want to know. Best. Engrish. Ever. Found via Boing Boing.

Starbucks acts the asshole. Very depressing. I like their coffee. Found via Boing Boing.

Everybody wants one of these for Xmas. Give one to Din at your peril. Found via Dave Barry.

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They Serve Coffee! The People They Serve Coffee to…Get Up and Serve Coffee!

Undead Starbucks Barista

Personally, I have no problem with Starbucks. While I love me some indie coffee, I’m an equal opportunity coffee purchaser. “Oh, you have coffee? I love you. What was this place’s name again? Who am I?”

Still, it’s funny as shit to see an indie coffee’s folks dressing up as zombie Starbucks employees. Absolutely brilliant. I have yet to see somebody take me up on my zombie Smurf idea, but this will do in a pinch.

Found via Boing Boing.


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Starbucks Uber Alles

Winter vs. Starbucks

The man’s name is Winter, and the reason he has that vacant stare is because he’s on a mission. That mission? To visit every Starbucks in the world. Read about his adventure here.

While we applaud Winter for his maniacal desire to accomplish his goal, we feel it’s a bit quixotic for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s kinda pointless. I mean, I thought the whole problem most people (read “non-coffee drinkers”) had with Starbucks is that it’s so homogenous. Every Starbucks is just like every other Starbucks. So what’s the point in driving thousands of miles for a cup of coffee you could have gotten next door?

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