Your Weekend Justice #181: Bishop Charles Durning vs. The Serpent

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that, because it is smarter than its participants, thinks quietly to itself that they’re thinking about an alternate version of the movie Q where it faced off against Brian Dennehy. But again, it can only speak through the sound board. So…alas.


Star Trek Dilithium Crystals


  • Human backgammon?
  • Getting rid of elements
  • Calling Alan Funt…wait, oh shit
  • Potential Roxmobile…or the Tuffmobile. Whichever.
  • Jon vs. the new Skype
  • Serpent and the What, who?
  • “Mistreating the hunchback”
  • Tyler Perry’s Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Thanksgiving Parade report
  • Smurf on the loose!
  • Bob Costas’ new job
  • Rise of the Guardians review
  • Going to Portland for the bucket of donuts
  • The dead and their bib overalls – Walking Dead SPOILERS
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    Wayhomer Review #137 – Lincoln (2012)

    Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

    Episode #137 for Lincoln, in which our protagonist wants to just skip to the part where we give Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field their Oscars, tries to put a finger on what didn’t quite work about the direction and script, and forgets to mention that the film shawshanks by a good two minutes. Because it did. Seriously, when you see the silhouette and you think, “Oh, it’s over, this is perfect,” get up and walk out. You’ll be happier.

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    A Conversation With Joe Dante

    Joe Dante

    For over four decades Joe Dante has been one of America’s most prolific film directors. Emerging from Roger Corman‘s cadre of talented filmmakers in the late 1970s, he quickly established himself as a versatile director who could work within several genres while oftentimes employing a regular group of returning actors from project to project.

    His filmography is nothing short of amazing. Consisting of both cult and commercial hits including Piranha, Rock n’ Roll High School, The Howling, Police Squad, Gremlins, Gremlins 2, Innerspace, Looney Tunes: Back In Action and Matinee. Dante also has worked in television, directing episodes of The Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, CSI: New York and Hawaii Five-O. He also was a Creative Consultant and director for Eerie Indiana.


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    Stuff You Need to Know: How Many Times Have I Told You Not to Use My Good Tools to Kill Zombies?

    Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-Ray Limited Edition

    We’re back after some time away because sometimes everybody needs a little time away. Now, the purpose of these posts is to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of pop culture. Just one post, as is warranted, to bring you up to speed. Because you have better things to do than read a bunch of re-printed/paraphrased press releases. Enjoy.

  • Walking Dead Season 2 is hitting home video on August 28th. I could have sworn I mentioned this somewhere, but I must have hallucinated it. It’s available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and the special limited edition Blu-Ray set that has a zombie head for a case. If you turn the screwdriver and the remaining eye lights up–total score.
  • Also in the pre-order department, look for Avengers to have some options for you. There’s a 2-disc DVD and 2-disc Blu-Ray, yes. But also a ten-disc limited edition set with all six movies enclosed. They call it “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One: Avengers Assembled.” Is Phase Two going to involve the Defenders? Anyway, you have pre-order links there and yes, for the record, there are single-disc versions available but…honestly? Why bother? No definitive release date yet. Also, no 3D home video version announced yet. Interesting.
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    Stuff: Night of the Living Dead. Yes, Again.

    Night of the Living Dead: Origins

    There’s lots going on in the world of pop culture. Even on weekends. So while you’re getting ready for your work week, fret not about this nonsense. We got it covered.

  • ThinkGeek‘s tauntaun sleeping bags are back in stock. So if you want to snag one, do that thing.
  • Threadless is having a $9 sale tomorrow only. So take advantage if you didn’t before.
  • Night of the Living Dead: Origins is “a 3D CGI re-imagining” of the original film. Which makes it the third remake thus far. Oy. Bill Moseley (Otis from the Rob Zombie films) is voicing Johnnie (the role he had in the 1990 remake, which was directed by Tom Savini). Joe Pilato is on board to voice Harry–and yes, that’s the same Pilato who was Capt. Rhodes in Day of the Dead (although the article mentions him being in Dawn–which he was, sure, but mostly in a cut scene if I remember correctly–I’ve seen all the versions way too many times to remember). The helmer, first-timer Zebediah de Soto, says “It’s going to be the first zombie movie played on a epic scale. This is the Empire of the Sun of zombie films.” Well, I can say this: at least Zemeckis isn’t doing it mo-cap. We can be thankful for that much.

    And you might well ask–wasn’t somebody already doing an animated version of the film? Yes, but the filmmaker’s blog hasn’t had a related update since. So.

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    32 Days of Halloween III, Movie Night No. 19: Duel

    Duel truck

    So I figured when you get a chance to bring Richard Matheson and a not-yet-insane Steven Spielberg to the site, I’m not sure how you can refuse. I couldn’t. And yes, this was Spielberg’s feature directorial debut. Dennis Weaver vs. a tanker truck. What made me think of the film?

    Bailey sent me the fact that a recent auction of one of the three trucks used in the making of the film took place. I couldn’t quite see what it went for, but I think it would be fun to get it road-ready and drive it around, just seeing who pisses themselves in fear over it. Seriously. So here we are, Movie Night #19 for 32 Days of Halloween.


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    Stuff You Need to Know, Friday, October 10, 2008

    Crystal Skull Best Buy exclusive
  • The new hip trendy thing these days is to have DVD releases with different exclusive bits depending on which store you buy it from. For the most part, they’re shruggable. But I must admit that the Best Buy offering for Indiana Jones IV is kinda snazzy if you like the film. It is a “Gift Set with replica crystal skull from Sideshow Collectibles and a $25 gift card to” That’s all well and good, but can I drink vodka out of it? You can order your non-snazzy DVD release here or your Blu-Ray-snazzy DVD release here.
  • There’s a big article here about the the Dreamworks/Paramount divorce. Honestly, you don’t need to know much of it. Tintin is the only project that had any activity and is now in danger of not happening, but that’s not news. The news I take away from this–and thus share with you–is the word that these are in the works: first, a Lemony Snicket 2, which stays at Paramount. I know, apparently it made money–who knew? Steven Spielberg is producing a remake of When Worlds Collide, which stays as a co-production between the two companies (i.e. joint visitation rights) like Transformers 2 is. Spielberg is directing Lincoln with Liam Neeson in the lead, this from a screenplay by Tony Kushner (Angels in America). Right now that last bit is supposed to start production in the spring.
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