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Chin Chin Vitality Bull Energy Drink – Drink Review

Chin Chin Vitality Bull Energy Drink

Explanation: This drink was purchased in Chinatown. It was created in Taipei, apparently. I was drawn to this one because of the lovely illustration on the can that shows a dude narrowly avoiding getting his ass slammed by a bull’s horns. I hoped that this would be indicative of the drink experience to come. Thus, I felt compelled to provide you with my in-depth review.

In-Depth Review: Imagine, if you will: stale Red Bull. This tastes like twelve miles of ass. The first energy drink in history I have been unable to finish.



  • What is your problem? Is it cool to have “sensitive” tastebuds? I just finished chugging a Vitality Bull and it was delicious. You probably cut the crust off your sandwiches too.

  • Julian: Glad you liked the drink. To answer your question: I really don’t have a problem. Especially now when I know there’s somebody out there who’s so uncertain of themselves and devoid of meaning in their own life that they’ll get bent out of shape about a drink review they disagree with. A drink review that runs less than 100 words. Makes me feel much better about myself. Stay away from my longer work, is my advice. Might really mess you up. Hope things get better for you.

  • You guys just made my day. Fsckng great review, retort, and counter-retort. Then again, maybe it’s just b/c I’m all hopped up on Vitality Bull.