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Energy Fiend, A Site After Our Own Hearts

MetaFilter gave us a link to this nifty little utility, which will take your favorite caffeinated beverage and calculate how much of it it would take to kill you. Handy.

And we started looking through the rest of the site, Energy Fiend, and we like their attitude. Here, check out this defense of energy drinks:

Why the tirades? I’m sick of old people who have never tried the drinks telling us they don’t work. I know, I know people that know, and I know people that know people that know energy drinks work. I get a better buzz than coffee, it tastes better, and, frankly, we kick more ass than you.

They also have a handy guide to energy drink ingredients and a sweet guide to caffeine content.

And we found a pointer to another site’s list of coffee-related holidays.

I love the Net.

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