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Podcast Review: The Midwest Teen Sex Show

MidWest Teen Sex Show logo

Before you all gets excited, this doesn’t have corn-fed youngsters doing salacious things in a hayloft. It is however, a funny and informative video podcast of the various issues that teenagers are curious and concerned about when it comes to sex. The MidWest Teen Sex Show is hosted by Nikol Hasler, a mother of three and as she puts it “a former expert practitioner of teen promiscuity,” and Britney Barbar who performs many roles in the show from a sex license bureaucrat to the stereotypical butch female P.E. coach. The show takes a humorous look at some of the usual suspects like abstinence, birth control, and dating. They also deal with topics that aren’t covered in health class like the do and don’ts of anal sex, the anxieties of changing for gym class, and the truth about having an older boyfriend. Nikol put it best when she says “You may think you’re pretty cool for having an older boyfriend, but what you have to remember is that he’s not cool for dating you. He’s a loser. And you can find plenty of losers to date at school.” The podcast is only about three to five minutes long so even the MTV generation won’t get bored.

So go check them out at their website or subscribe to their feed, you may just learn something.