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All the Faceless People, Where Do They All Come From?

Stand Up!  Faceless People!

So faceless people. My initial thoughts were:

A) DC Comics certainly is pushing The Question awfully hard.

2) Didn’t The Blank die in the Dick Tracy movie?

III) Are these the guys who were deemed not scary enough for Jacob’s Ladder?

And then I saw this report, which became d)…

“The Fox News channel gained wide attention Thursday in the blogosphere for airing photos of two New York Times staffers that appear to have been doctored to portray them in an unflattering light.” And I thought I had figured out the mystery. But then I had to spoil everything by actually reading the article.

Anyway, after all of those ideas, it turns out it’s to promote the new Lotus Eagle. I know very little about cars. I think Lotus should fix Notes before they start putting out another car, personally. Because Notes 8 is crap.


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  • I liked the Dr. Who angle. That was way back to season 1, with Christopher Eccleson, though, so I couldn’t see them using the plastic guys again. Funny how I think of Chris as the first doctor. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m a new who fan.