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That Damned Gnome Thing

Glow Guard Dwarf

What in the hell? These are supposed to be Glow Guard Dwarfs. They stay whatever color they are, apparently, and then glow at night. Click through to NotCot to see them glow. I picked the pitch black one for obvious reasons.

And this might seem like a good idea, but I can’t stop wondering. Are you sure it’s a gnome? Is it Santa Claus in night stealth mode? Is it an Easter Island moai redesigned by the hippest new designer? Is it a squid readying itself for takeoff? WHAT IS IT, REALLY?

And what’s with the dog? Why is there a dog phasing out of existence behind the thing? Did it take a leak on the Ebony Gnome and now it’s condemned to a semi-existence, howling its despair as it winks out of reality?

Do you see why I never sleep? Do you see?


1 comment

  • Cthulhu guard gnomes.
    I like the idea of guard gnomes, ever since Johnnen Vasquez created some for Invader Zim. In fact, I got a cool sketch of one when he came to Dragon Con. Funny, no one was around to him and I was able to chat a bit about gnomes.