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Extra Crunchy Winners

Crunchy Bar

We don’t know how crunchy they are, really. If something large were to eat them, we could ask it. But in the meantime, here’s the latest lucky folks:

Power of Song goes to Paul Miller of New York.

David Gilmour Live will head to Steven Moore of Mississippi.

Duckman winners are Marilyn Ash of New Jersey, Duncan Osborne of Indiana, Rhonda Holt of Colorado, Opal Baker of Kentucky, and Katrina Payer of Ontario.

The Poirot Collection was won by Jack Cramer of Indiana.

Criminal Minds is going to Roxanne Williams of Florida, Ed Carver of British Columbia, Dana Mason of North Carolina, Danny Koch of New York, and Richard Adams of Ontario.

The big Horror Festival box goes to Vince Davis of California.

Cat Stevens Live will be entertaining Wendy Brooks of Montana.

And Smothers Brothers Season 3 gets snagged by Yvonne Garner of Ohio, Fred Walls of Virginia, Donald Nilsen of Wisconsin, Mary Kilpatrick of Alabama, and June Winston of Texas.

Congrats to all the winners. Not among them? Don’t panic. There’s plenty of chances to win. Find our contests here. And hey: subscribe to our news feed so you don’t miss a single chance to enter–the day you miss entering might have been Your Day!